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Errors on our website – we try to be as accurate as possible. However, we do not guarantee that the content or product description of the website is accurate, complete, reliable, current or error-free. Prices and promotions may change and may differ from the prices offered in our store or other ads. We are unable to confirm the availability or price of the item until you place an order. Despite our best efforts, very few items in our catalog may not be available, this offer may be wrong, or a project may be incorrectly priced. For any of the above reasons, we may cancel your order, or we may contact you with instructions on the order.

Payment & Delivery

After you complete the payment on our website, we will send an email to the mailbox where you placed the order and confirm the order with you. After we receive the payment, you will receive an email with the activation key code and download links if needed within 5 min to 60 min after the order has been placed but sometimes it may take up to 24 hours. Please confirm your email address when ordering!

Order Confirmation
The confirmation of the order we send to you does not mean that we accept your order and does not constitute confirmation of our sales offer. At any time after receiving your order, we may accept, reject or set a limit on your order or other restrictions for any reason. We may impose these restrictions on everyone, each family, every order, or any other basis. If we refuse, limit or otherwise modify your order, we will attempt to notify you with the email address you provided to us. If we cancel an order or part of an order that we have already charged you, we will refund the full amount of the canceled portion of the order.

Refund Policy

ATTENTION: Almost always our Support team can solve ANY problem you got with purchased software, therefore first of all please try to ask them to help you. Email: info@mskeys4you.co.uk. Refund can be issued in the case of can’t active key problems with a software. Please contact us for the refund in 30 days after you receive the product. Other refund, if you have a wrong payment, you can request a refund, but attention is if you have received the product key, we can not receive your refund requirement.

Charge back Policy

Charge back is bad thing for both sides in 100% occasions, because if you would like to get your money back – just place refund request by sending email to us. It is very important to provide working e-mail address for all communications with the Support team and our Store.


By placing an order with us, You indicate that you have read and understand our terms. You also indicate that you understand and accept any limitations of the particular product type(s) you are purchasing. Please note that we sell only downloadable copied of software, it means that we are not shipping boxed versions of software and paper documentation.